There are no words that can adequately convey my gratitude to the Keshets, the owners of Contemporary Stonescapes LTD for their amazing compassion, generosity and impeccable workmanship. As a donation to our family, they successfully created a safe, elegant and inviting entrance and stoop for our home.

My beloved baby was battling 4th stage cancer and it seemed as though everything around my family was crumbling, including our home. The broken steps and entrance leading to our front door were a painful reflection of our broken lives. Despite the potential danger, I was unable to make the necessary repairs due to the financial decimation resulting from my son’s tragic illness. Immediately upon learning of our situation and the condition of the stoop, the Keshets insisted on providing a new walkway leading to the house, landing area, steps and stoop. As opposed to just replacing the already existing material, they went out of their way to design a beautiful new space with a far more substantial entrance way.

We will never forget how Contemporary Stonescapes LTD has changed our lives. In addition to providing a safe environment for my family, the boys and I feel a sense of pride and joy every time we approach our front door.

Sincerely, Sandi